Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sea and sand

Was standing alone on a sea shore,
Goa,nature always asking for something more.
Beauty so appealing,
quiteness so relaxing.
I wasn't looking great that day,
There wasn't any chance of eye catching a handsome prey.
I was blankly staring the sea.
The sea was coming with the wave everytime,
touching the sand creating a romantic rhyme.
Making it wet,
loving it as if she is juliet.
And then going with a promise,
I will come back stay ready with your kiss.
And next time will touch you deeply,
and make you mine forever quietly.
Keeps on waiting the sand,
lying lonely on the land.
Sand and sea,
just like you and me.
You sea,
me sand.
But a difference between you and sea,
You never promised to come back to me.
I am bit like sand,
still waiting for you with outstreched hands.
I know mine you will be never,
neither the sea and the sand unite forever.


AaYuShI said...


Thanks for commenting on my blog..firstly..

secondly..i liked this poem..
Kinda sweet..


nice blog..
nd do be a guest at my online home soon :D

Anonymous said...

heyya gal its a nice poem...!!!

Meghna said...

Lovely poem....especially the way you write it and the exquisiteness it gives the feeling of :p

Love ur blog :)

Attila said...

hmm!? great one! i think there is a typo in 'quietness'.. in the beginning.

nice poem, i liked the jugglery of words..