Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Its a holiday. 2 months long...good....great college atleast they give rest for whole two months. I know college administration doesn't contain whole lot of sympathetic people,so ID, rakshabandhan or bithday of any great personality (except Gandhiji's because its declared as national holiday) you have to come to the college no other go if you miss your attendence goes down and then there is a big chaos. All the near by colleges get these holidays so with lots of hope I land up to the office ask them do we have a holiday I know there answer and still I eagerly wait to hear their NO....Damn mumbai university people will be having a holiday enjoying waking up late and i have to come to the college with perfectly dressed up with kohl and matching accessories(well when you are studying in a area where there are colleges like mithibai and NMIMS you have to dress up to keep your self esteem high..thats what I say when aftr every couple of week i ask for a new outfit..but actually in mumbai noone cares how you looking except if you have a really caring boyfreind. Ok now too much in bracket I should go out). Ya so I have to be there in the boring lectures which bores me to the extent that I have to run for a coffee in between the 5 mins breaks so prevent my eyelashes from sticking together with the glue called sleep....

And now its a holiday 2 months long. Please we don't want this holiday. I want college attending boring lectures is better than doing nothing. Why???Why???they are punishing us like this i told you they are bunch of heartless people.

So here I am busy doing nothing. I get so much bored that i feel like writing on any minute thing I see but can't materialise it. So I get nothing to write. And hence i thought of writing on NOTHING. First in my language let me define it-its not a thing its a state which feels up ur mind,you feel like struck in a vaccuum tube without any outlet its choking drives you crazy makes you bugged and anger ya anger occupies you from top to bottom. I am not giving description that how you feel after boozing i can't describe anything that i haven't tried. I am telling you about nothing. I am telling you how a not so lazy not so harworking but busy doing anything girl feels when nothing sticks to her body like parasite and sucks all the sweetness from her. so when nothingness strucks me I get irritated to the limit and throw tantrums on anyone.

But in this nothingness a thing called MONORANJAN KA BAAP IPL proved to be saviour.

18th april it started and after that theres no looking back. They kept on playing day and night and i kept on watching whenever they played. Who are they??the great cricketers some great famous part of current teams,some lost under underperformence,cricket politics(b**t#rd greg chappal or chippel or chappel as if i care),or shadow of players with fame,face and bollywood girlfreinds. Some under nineteen(Ishaant sharma *blush* *blush*) players ready to prove themselves and they are proving themselves. And Brett lee(*blush*blush*). Some down with groin injury from the era of Mughals.

To add glamour we have the great shahrukh khan. Ness wadia with a lucky Ms Zinta. Vijay Mallya. Juhi chawla.....bla blah blah....ya too many.They never come to watch when India plays but when its a question of their states yo they give full attendence. Whatever i like watching them so shouldn't complain.

And to add fun we started staking our 10bucks on different teams I started loosing so got to drop the idea. and why i started loosing because underdogs like Rajasthan Royals proved their mettel and highly qualified teams likes Deccan chargers,Mumbai Indians and Royal challengers (with pathetic Dravid who made me feel sorry for Vijay mallya for the first time) proved to be loosers. delhi daredevils and Chennai super kings played like kings from the very 1st day. now i really need some space to write about my Kolkata knight riders it was the first day of IPL and oh it was Mc cullum's day ball kissed the boudary now and then what a match.next one again they won. and then started the losses 4 in a row.But in each match my whole family sat with hope till the last ball with the hope dada will do something. Everytime i want to leave their side but being a true bong i just couldn't. And then they played in the true sense dada played as no tomorrow. now they are 4th from 1st to 7th to 6th to 4th with their every fall my heart cried. But now they are playing lets see where they stand.

Oh started up with nothing and ended up with IPL.....thats me truely insane.


The Transmitter said...

"come to the college with perfectly dressed up with kohl and matching accessories"... God bless SW companies. I can be in my shabbiest best!!
And "Ness wadia with a lucky Ms Zinta"!! Lucky Wadia, I'll say...
All in all a nice post on 'nothing'. Just one complaint... What about some punctuations and para-breaks?
Keep posting. Cheers...

Anonymous said...

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Meghna said...

Hi aritri,
New at ur palce but loved ur blog! Fun to read and cool :)
Will be visiting often..

\keep rocking/

Anonymous said...

hahaha....god!!...u r 2nd in my 'eccentric' ppls list...ofcourse 1st is me...kip posting