Monday, May 5, 2008


It was dark,
no shadows,
don't know who was there,
may be it was only me.

Night moon was silent,
was just showing me the path with the moonlight,
I was walking with a heart filled with fears
and eyes filled with tears.

Red was the sand,
sky filled with smoke,
war had ended,
and left behind a silence,
a silence that was shouting.

I was searching for the son,
who came here to fight boldly,
he fought I am sure,
a quivering voice i heard,
I proceeded
It was the calling of a soldier.
An Indian,
I couldn't find him,
or may be I found him in everyone lying there,
with a hope to live
and eyes full of dreams for India.
they gave it all.

I found him,found him
with a photo of his mother,
clutched tightly in his hand
kissed the photo.
Mother.He filled his eyes with the image.
Saw me.took his last breathe,
and boldly he said,

Those were the last words to leave him,
he was no longer a soldier,
He was a MARTYR.....

1 comment:

suvaiba said...

hey aritri..
thanxxa fr commentin.. dear..
u hav a gr88 blog..
ill soon b visitin it..
i luv india.. so i luv any poem based on it...jai hind..
a very bold an bright poem i luved it
\keep rytin/