Monday, August 11, 2008

Cheers Bindra!!!!!!

Today I feel proud to say I am an Indian. I feel it every day because of the undying patriotism I have in my heart. But when today the Tagore creation Jana gana mana our national anthem was being played at the Beijing Olympics it was different than the other days. And it was made possible by Indian ace shooter Abhinav Bindra. Till yesterday like many Indians I didn’t even know his name but today I saw telecast re-telecast and re-telecast of Bindra receiving the gold medal for 10m rifle shoot. It is India’s first ever individual gold medal. The gold medal glory first used to come through hockey when it was made our national game and when Dhyan Chand broke all records to make his memorable entry in the history of sports. Now after 28 years of wait and patience India got its gold medal, cheers to Bindra because of whom the Indian national flag roused high today at a foreign land. This year India started on a bad note in the Olympics after china showed it’s enormously perfect Beijing Olympics opening. The questions aroused when the Indian athletes went in uncoordinated attire but who remembers all that now it’s the gold medal that is shining. The state governments have already started to prove whose what where Punjab declared a prize money of a crore to Bindra, Bihar declared to make a stadium named after Bindra. Bindra said he performed better in Athens but lost. So he proved in India you win you rule you lose even after trying hard no one cares.
If we see the population India is no. 2 and china no. 1. In Olympics China continues to be number one but India is nowhere. So is India happy and satisfied with one medal glory every year? It’s just cricket that rules here people are madly in love with cricket even I am but why? May be because media has spiced up cricket so much that we are constantly forgetting the other sports. Australia gives sports scholarship to the eligible candidates, in India athletes have to succumb even for sponsorship. When it’s a proud moment for India it arouses many questions as well and that is how far India is going to support other sports? May be it’s just an unanswerable question like many others. Till then I think we have to be satisfied with one medal glory which comes every year with people like Karnlam Maheshwari , Rajyawardhan singh rathore and Now Abhinav Bindra. 12 days to go I hope this time India doesn’t come back with just one gold but many more and I can get one more chance to feel proud and hum Jana gana mana with the world.


Anonymous said...

Hi ,

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Meghna said...

I'm a proud Indian too....Hurray for Bindra :)