Sunday, April 6, 2008


Its very strange that how some people touch your lives in a short time and then leave a longlasting impact.
I was in 3rd grade when i went to Goa for the very first time. My mamu (maternal uncle) stays there so there wasn't any question of going to the hotels hence we lodged to his place. He was single at that time. It was a colony in alto porvorim near panajim and there I met Gogu. He was my mamu's neighbour. His Mother and my mamu used to perform together at concerts. My mamu is a sitarist and his mother a kathak dancer.
Gogu was two years older to me. We started talking and in a few hours we became freinds. A sweet, innocent freindship we shared. Next day we went exploring Goa together with our parents. With him as a company the journey became a fun. Generally i used to feel sick while travelling in any vehical and in Goa we hired a van so it was very conjusted but with him there I forgot the sickness. I actually don't remember what talks we shared but it was interesting. We went to churches he told me about their history. Then next day it was exploring the beach. Oh for the first time I touched the sea it was an amazing experience. We collected lots of shells which I restored for a very long time. That night his family came to my mamu's place. We started sharing our school talks. I still remember one sentence of his 'see I am so handsome most of the girls in my school are after me' and I laughed thought he is kidding but he was cute. Next day it was newyear he called me to his place for some movie but my mom didn't allow me to go there because she thought he may spoil me with his talks. Funny it is I know. Then we left next day for our place but I promised to preserve our this freindship.
Next time i went there in my 8th grade. At that time some misunderstandings happened between my mamu and his mother so i wasn't allowed to talk to him. I saw him on the road I am sure he didn't recognise me. He wasn't kidding 5 years back he was really handsome. I really wanted to freshen up our sweet innocent freindship but sometimes situations become master of a man. So that year I didn't talk with him.
Two years later my dad came and told me Gogu died in a road accident in panjim bridge he was going to refill his petrol tank. A glimpse of our sweet freindship came in front of my eyes and tears flowed. I wished I had seen that movie with him that new year night then I would had more memories of our freindship to cherish.
This year I am again going to Goa and I so much wish to see Gogu there so that I don't get bored. But he is no more. As i promised our sweet freindship will remain preserved in my heart forever.


gunj said...

life can b bad at times!!
but u betr keep smiling girl!!

Aditya said...

gogu's heart will always be in the sweet stories tht u shared as frnds :)

Aditya said...

thnx for posting on my blog :)
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aditto said...

thnx a lot for commenting on my blog :)
so wich college u in bombay/?