Sunday, February 3, 2008

How safe is India???

How safe is our country for us? This was the first question that came to my mind the very first day I actually started thinking socially.
Recently the Adnan Patrawala case has shocked everyone. A 16 years old guy was first kidnapped for ransom through orkut (a social networking site) and then was murdered when media hyped the case. And the shocking thing was he was murdered by the people who claimed to be his orkut friends. My friend has recently moved to USA for pursuing higher studies and he has this fascination of meeting orkut friends and knowing them. So after the Patrawala case I warned him not to be too frank on orkut and he replied “Don’t worry I am not in India I am in a safe country now.” This reply of his banged on my head and is still banging. A guy finding other country safer than his own? Have you ever heard that a person is safer outside than in his own home no certainly not then why we are finding an unknown country so much safer?
Recently in the news it came that a girl was molested by an auto rickshaw driver who actually drove her to the school from the very first day of nursery and suddenly after 8-9 years he turned into a devil. Can’t you in India even trust on your long trusted people?
A girl in Array colony was found missing after she left her neighbor’s place for her home. A FIR was filed but the police didn’t take any initiation the girl’s body was found in a noolah after 2-3 days. Police is still clueless about what actually had happened?
These were instances related to a particular person but a mass curfew or mass strike and then violence is very common in India. During Godhra riots I was in Gujarat but where I stayed was far from Godhra. But if there is a fire is it possible the smoke won’t come? I witnessed some incidents myself like a Muslim paint shop was put on fire, because of the paints the fire lasted for 3 whole days. We informed police but they came and started enjoying the sight as if they were satisfied of whatever was happening. And then there was a curfew for fortnight. So the conclusion actually how many Muslims got affected it was only our loss, loss of country.
Recently there were riots in siliguri, reason a whacko radio jockey commented on Prashant Tamang the Indian Idol 3. And here we go the mob back in action again. I really doubt out of so many protestors how many actually voted for Tamang. Is taking part in riots for any reason (like a star being kissed by a foreigner or elimination of a contestant from a reality show) has become a hobby in India???
Next come Railways. Yes I am a daily passenger of local trains of Mumbai and I had to make a 1st class pass because 2nd class looks like a bazaar. There are only 2 ladies compartment in most of the trains whereas about 7 are general. Isn’t general means both men and women can enter into it but the moment a female enters the general compartment (which is impossible considering the crowd) all the people in there suddenly start staring at the new female entrant. At that very moment you start thinking have u done the correct thing by entering in a general compartment? If you ask me then really general compartment is not at all safe for ladies and I really don’t know any concrete reason about my this preconceptions. And this is why all the ladies just stuff into those 2 compartments.
Recently a girl fell down from the same compartment my friend was traveling, people pulled the chain but it didn’t work. Talking about the local trains one must see CST-ANDHERI local that reaches Wadala at 8.58 people just come and stick into the train as if the train is a magnet and they are iron pieces. And India spends only 2% of its whole railway budget on safety. One is traveling comfortably in a 1st class and suddenly bombs blast everyone is clueless. While asking questions on safety in local trains answers do strike like it is impossible to start more trains as there are enough, impossible to check all the passengers. Bur still somewhere we have hope that these things may get better one day. Government is surely questioned everyday but they are too busy in either their personal fights or thinking about changing Mumbai to Shanghai an impossible dream. And in my opinion it is the high time that some youth should come forward and take the charge. I know the entire youth curse the government like me but cursing and then running away to some other country is not a solution actually. We have to come ahead though we youth don’t have any experience but we have enthusiasm and a new and fresh point of view. Till then like every Indian I am also sitting in a hope that one day India will surely become a safer place to live in.

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