Sunday, February 3, 2008

similarly dissimilar
AM goin to talk about similar people with hell lot of dissimilarities strange isn't it but yes i have experienced this.

To start this lets start with the point where i started thinkin about it. Recently i stay in panvel, navi mumbai.As my father has a transferrable job we shifted here 3 yrs back. Before that i stayed in Mehsana,gujrat for a long period of 9 years so on every behaviour or act of mine there exists a bit gujju impact n thanks a lot that i am in a gujju college now this impact will go deeper. Well when i came here i was totally new me in a world of unknown people unfamiliar faces. As i was in 11th my tutions started before the school. Everyday i used to go to the tutions stand in the corner and think one day i will become the centre of attraction and thanks to the kind famous people on Kendriya vidyalaya panvel that they let me share there limelight. Well one day after the maths tution (of saxena aunty that tution is the worst and best tution i have ever been to worst because i really suffered a inferiority complex when i joined it and best simply because of saxena aunty who showered her unconditional love on us n yes in boards i got 97 in maths thanx a lot aunty...) we were standing outside aunty's place as usual. I was new to those people so i was standing and listening to them quitely and laughing occasionally on there jokes to impress them. Suddenly the famous lady Sweksha (now one of my most precious freind here) asked me that you are 99.9% like anyone else in dis world thats what survey says then whats in that 0.1% thats left behind my reply was in a ekta kapur way that 0.1% is my ASTITVA( searched from dictionary it means existence or entity) every single girl standing there started laughing they liked the joke i was feeling like a winner at last i succeeded to make them laugh and with that joke i was welcomed to the group of famous people. For them it was a joke for me it was a big question whats in that 0.1% n here we get similar people with hell lot of dissimilarity.

I have two freinds swetha who was there with me in mehsana and ritty who was there with me in KV panvel. These two girls are completely different from each other Swetha likes to fall in love so her theory is to forget your ex find a new guy and Ritty's theory is love is wastage of time but still i find them alike i don't know y???i call ritty swetha n vice versa. I thought a lot and found out they both have a great leadership quality and with that a quality of digesting my secrets so is these are the things except that both are south indians that make them similar may be yes or may be a big NO because many people may be having these two qualities but i don't call them Ritty or swetha. Or may be in my mind i have a place reserved for swetha where Ritty fits in totally. The problem of similar people doesn't only comes to me my mom also encounters the same problem every morning when Krishna aunty calls her n she addresses her as Tuhina aunty then she realises her mistake and rectifies it. I thought may be this similarities we get is because we are too attached to someone that we find them everywhere. but again namita in mehsana is my best freind but i never got someone like her in panvel neither i got sumone like Mohana of panvel in mehsana. In mehsana colony i was like a familiar figure so in a walk of 30 mins i used to say 60 namaste n almost 100 hellos when i walk in panvel colony i do the same. Sometimes when i see a unfamiliar figure in panvel i think i have seen the same person somewhere in mehsana who was unfamiliar to me as well so i don't think closeness or farness to someone decides the similar thing. And ya i have found for every madhura in mehsana there is a soumya in panvel,for every madhushri in mehsana there is a Pj preethi in panvel,for every pranay in mehsana there is a tarun in panvel,for every anu in mehsana there exist a laxmi rajan in panvel,for every laxmi mishra in mehsana der exists a devanshi in panvel.

So whenever i go to a new place i like to find out similar people from two different world of mine. You too sit down and think how many similar people with many dissimilarities you know but you will never find out a solid reason to tell you y are they actually similar.I am still searchin for my answers hope i get it one day.


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P.V.Saket said...

First of all i would like to congratulate u for ur excellent writings. And I am so deeply impressed that I have a sense of hesitation regarding my eligibility to comment on ur works. But I dare to do so and forgive me if I am wrong. From what I read I could see that u can give a beautiful shape to ur ideas. So I would like see a poem that relates to the most essential thing required in the world today...... peace. I hope u can do justice to this topic also. Well done! and hope to see more from u.

P.V.Saket said...

As far as ur search for similarities in dissimilar persons is concerned, I think it as something that is purely psychological. When u move from a place where u have seen a lot of things and had a lot of friends, to a completely new place, u tend to keep thinking of those whom u miss the most. And when u see someone with a quality that he/she possessed u tend to see both the persons as one. For example, from what I read, I could find only 1 similarity between the two girls- Swetha and the other one- both of them are south Indians. From ur description of the two, what I infer is while Swetha treats everything on its merit, ur Panvel frnd won't be able to bear nething wrong. That tells me while Swetha will try and find happiness at all times and under all circumstances, ur new frnd might never be able to come out of one disappointment. So, the only similarity is that they both are south Indians. Hence, it is purely psychological. And btw was the Tarun u mentioned ever in Mehsana? Also Laxmi Rajan? I think I know both of them.

aritri said...

Sorry 2 reply so late saket but as i dont follow my own blog nw a days i dint keep a track of d comments...
Ya its d same tarun n laxmi rajan 4m mehsana..
Thnx a lot for ur comments...Yes i knw i shud write more on social topics.