Monday, March 24, 2008

Its all about me

Its a poem written by me,for me as well as against me.....

At the end of the day,
Its all about me.
cry,give it another try.
Alone I was when I came into this world 17th september 1989 10.13 am.
Alone I will be when I will go no one predicted the date yet.
My pa, my ma. my brother,my freinds
its all about me.
In the journey called life they walk with me,
In the chat show called life they talk with me.
I hold their hands so that i don't get lost,
I do care how much my life costs.
Not for me but for them,
how much ever i change their feelings remain the same.
I am not selfish I just love myself.
I hurt, I give smiles,
walk alone for miles.
I make mistakes and call them experience,
repeat them even if I get another chance.
People call me dumb some say far too kind,
no one knows I own a virgo mind.
I criticise still stay on a safe side,
Am not a snob but walk with my own pride.
And at the end of the day,
when i close my eyes to wake up for a new day,
Its again all about me.....

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